Ooh Baby

Written by: twanna Irisha

With every breath that I have in me, I can't wait to see, that very same look you gave, to get me. The look that every women wait's to see, the look that tell's me, you like what you see! That look you gave me, that keep's me here, to this day! The look that I never want to go away. When you look at me, I feel like our love will stay. Every soft touch, that I began to love so much. Every little whisper, that make's my lip's quiver. Every little moan, that get's me weak to the bone. I love your sweet breath, when you kiss me on the neck, with that "oh" so gently peck. You know you hit the right spot, when my knee's begen to rock, and if my knee's rock, that's my "G" spot. You just became the best nigga, for the job that live's on the block. Can't no other nigga begen to take your spot! Like Bonnie, and Clyde the best two pair, to get better with time! Our love grow's like the river flow's, and we bob, and we weave, and we float like a butterfly, and we sting like a bee. Baby open your wing's, and fly with me! Where going straight to the top, and we can't be stop! I'll call you butterscotch, and I'll be you limondrop. We're both to pieces of eye candy, **** around and give them all a cavity! Baby, I'm really beginning to like what I see, because your bringing the best, up out of me! No need for an apology, this is all so voluntarily, from my heart, to sociolgy. I don't feel guilty cause, I'm in love with a pimp, you know, like I know, that I'm the shit! I call my self superfly, I'm in love with a nigga who live's to ride or die! Let the truth be told, from the depth of my soul.... "Ohh Baby"