A Letter Not So Better

Written by: samrat sikri

Once I wanted to impress a female friend So I thought about a letter I should send Then I sat down writing and writing In my mind my thoughts were fighting and fighting The ideas that came to me were not maintained Due to nervousness, my brain had drained Finally I got an idea , you might that I’m nuts Because it was a consumer product That’s how the starting was like- Because of this don’t get embarrass And I have no intention of you to harass I might seem to you as a fool Don’t mind because I just want to play it cool At this stage I feel like Nike (Just Do It) But I’m so nervous right now That it seems to me like a mountain hike Whenever I see you, I think my life’s L.G. (Life’s Good) But when I don’t see you, I feel like world’s ugly Just give me a chance and I’ll prove you that I’m like Del Monte (YouAin’t Had Nothing like This Before) If I don’t come up to your expectations I’ll go away At this time you must be like Coca Cola (Enjoy Happiness) And I’m singing ooh laa laa ooh laa laa Just take into your consideration my letter I know you will make the decision better I don’t care whether you like me or not But for you with my fears I’ve fought So just sit down and laugh At this letter “not so better” By the time I’ll go and study for my exams Simultaneously checking my virtual farms