Written by: Ashley Poort

Silver stars are dancing—
Oh, the night is for romancing!
Lovers, fate are chancing
and from eye to lip are glancing,
hoping for a taste,
and the blood begins to race.

The water soft is gushing 
on Night’s shores, quietly rushing.
Lovers’ cheeks are blushing,
their faces close are flushing,
locked in a gaze,
eyes begin to blaze.

The moon is brightly shining
on fingers intertwining.
Lovers inhibitions are resigning,
on mossy banks reclining,
possessed of a day,
Eros’s dewy-eyed prey.

The perfumed breeze is blowing,
the red blood quick is flowing.
Lovers’ gentle aspects glowing,
and time seems to be slowing.
Unknowingly afraid
to let the feeling fade.