Essence of life

Written by: anonymous dreamer

Delicate bonds woven into cobwebs of complex relationships, Intricate strings spun into bundles of heavy responsibilities; Confusing problems sewn into patterns of puzzling circumstances, Strands of forgotten,unkept promises annealed into heedless betrayals; Rings of dark,mysterious sins forged into chains of salvation and penitence, Abstract ideas and unsaid words lost in a confound conundrum of unfathomable thoughts; Myriad struggles and strifes knitted into an eternal web of wars within, Pearly beads of dreams adorned upon a silver string of hope; Glittery golden wishes embellished upon shimmering little joys, Unknown little joys and haloes of happiness skim over a blissful content smile; Ancient sorrows and aching grievances veiled under salty droplets of tears, Threads of oblivious reasons entwined into fabrics of complicated enigmas of emotion; Wiry solace and self-satisfaction entangled into a mesh of silently complacent compromises; All the grains of life sift through the sieve of experiences, Fitting into voids,gathering in a heap of wisdom; All the delicate complexities of life seep through me, Filling in pores,giving me,"a mortal",an essence of life.