Truth directs your path

Written by: Lukasz Walterowicz

You will never find me
telling lies
about the world around me,
faking feelings inside me
concealing the truth before thee.

My eyes always see
what my mouth says,
my words always describe
the world
as it appears to be.

I see the world
in simple terms:
what is true
and what is not;

What is true
is reality
Lie is just an empty thought,

Yet the truth
may be cruel-
are you ready for a duel?

It is not hard
to lie all the time
just to avoid
what is true.

Yet, one truth
kills thousand lies,
reinforces heart
and soul;

It makes sense of our life,
makes us want to reach a goal;
Sometimes harmful,
You cry and curse it,
once you face it-
you praise it.

What is love
- when untrue?
What means joy
- built on a lie?
What is life
- lived unconsciously?
A meaningless deception.

Truth- the only value,
virtuous conception,
not an abstraction-
the undeniable
real projection.

Conceal it
- and suffer
Face it
- and grow wise
Deny it
- and stupify
Accept it
- and enjoy the life.

Truth directs your path.