Human Inhuman

Written by: Lukasz Walterowicz

A human
an inhuman creature
becomes when
deprived of fears
with no reasons for tears,
makes no mistakes,
perfect and flawless
out of failure
for ever remains;
If never unhappy,
not bothered by trouble,
efficient in all actions
confidence he gains,
proud he becomes,
uncompassionate he is.

A human
an inhuman creature
becomes when
come true
all his fears,
when he 
cried out
all his tears,
his life 
was a fate
of failure,
all his mistakes
- cruelly serious
lead him
to plight
cannot he endure;
If for ever grievious,
harmed by fate mischievious
never found peace,
becomes he sympathetic,
yet humiliated
- miserable he is.

A human
an inhuman creature
becomes when
he makes
his life
a deceitful projection;
Stating untruth,
conforms blindly
without reflection
- refuses to resist;
to him
does not exist:
cowardly he escapes
to avoid the truth,
afraid he is 
of the judgement
of his peers;
One who sought no truth
the entire life,
afraid of it,
turning face from the light;
One to whom a lie
is just a lullaby
for the consciousness,
a lost wanderer he is.

An inhuman creature
a human
becomes when
he is aware.
He does not fear
to cry
nor cower
to fear;
his imperfection
can he admit,
his weakness
his strengths can bear;
he does not conform
nor conceal the truth
when one is to be revealed.
In pursuit of truth
he self-improves,
finds his goal
and happiness;
the enitre life 
he proves
to be honest
in all terms,
a conscious unit he is.