Modern Definition of Beauty

Written by: Genevieve Farese

Make-up and fancy clothes,
plastic surgery and luxury.
Things of lust and greed,
do they really make one objects of beauty?

Like dolls that invite 
men, envy and unwanted attention
vying for the longest legs
or the smokiest eyes.

That foundation and eyeshadow,
those stilettos and mini skirts
girl, i tell you that you may try to impress
guys and girls alike, but you're wearing an obvious mask.

Did beauty solely depend on looks?
Curves and designer stuff
are those all that a girl is worth?
Why, if you take off all that from her, do you think she will still look pretty as you see her now?

Back then, beauty was in the soul,
the heart and the mind.
When only prostitutes would show their legs,
and wear such thick rouge. 

When a lady`s worth was measured by her charm and intelligence alike,
not by her body and her face.
A king`s queen should just be as strong as him,
not as provocative as his mistress.

Now that women rely on make up and clothes to make them who they are,
only few cling on to the belief that beauty comes from within,
that not all men want long legs or long lashes
but a woman that is not only good in bed, but also in life.

Saddening as it is,
that the modern definition of beauty is such.