Written by: Tony Lane

The usurpation of the annual right of solstice by a quarrelsome religious upstart, Lead to the re-designation of the celebration due to its now newly designated Holy part. In order for a connection to be formed between the Lord and a party that was pagan, The symbolism had to be reworked until for Christians it could be displayed again. By this intent, the Roman festival of Saturnalia surrendered its celebratory rite, And donated all that it possessed to those who recognized a birth one Holy night. Is this to say that the adherents of the newly formed holiday were being misdirected? Or that the symbols of the pagan celebration are something that needed to be inspected? I advocate for the negative in response to the above outlined interrogatives, Instead I shall take a stand to allow each to follow their own personal prerogatives. And if any of what you’ve read in this missive should sway you into taking pause, You’ll probably want to keep it to yourself Or there’s a chance that you’ll tick off Santa Claus.