Written by: adelaja olayiwola

I dreamt of a monocle night.
I saw; I was sitting upright.
As usual, the earth’s lamp was bright.
There-by unveiling some ants in fight. 
I saw a tired knight.
Seeking a shelter, to spend the night!
Helpless I was; cos my hut was tight.
Olodumare brought a way out of the plight.
Off the kids went to tale by moon light.
Against the wall their mater rest.
I rolled up their mat by pushing slight.
She would have awoke if not providence might.
Outside on the mat with my pal; I spent that night.
Polythene or mat, the kids knew naught! 
Olodumare=GOD (in Yoruba), mater= mother, Monocle night=night of a full moon.