Written by: elizabeth wesley

I go by myself walking
I hear myself talking;
Then as I deliberate
On the direction of fate
That leaves me so anxious
With illusions atrocious
Invading my privacy
With the blight of absurdity.
They come there unbidden
Like troubles forbidden;
Showing their faces
In my secret places;
Peevish and fractious
Mindless and anxious
Blighting the laughter
With deeds that come after.
Trying to taunt me
To follow and haunt me.
In my mind they come festering
In my ears they are pestering
That my enemies are treacherous
My friends are ominous
And my life is dangerous.
The calamitous confusions
Bring perfidious allusions
Deceptions so diabolical
Fears that are comical
And all these do vex me
With nightmares to perplex me
While Satan sits amused
Knowing I am confused.