Silver Strands

Written by: Natalie The Rogue Rhymer

I decided to take the high road...let nature have a say
I’ll let my hair go natural...I will embrace the grey

So I stripped the color...saw it wash right down the drain
Studied myself in the mirror...luckily, I still looked sane

I put on a fitted skirt, and headed out the door
I even grabbed my fishnets...Yeah, listen to me roar!

I pushed my cart around, and winked at all the guys
Sure they acted real sly, but they were getting a rise

I smiled at the pretty cashier...she told me the amount
I asked why so low, she said, “That’s with your senior discount”

I guess I’ll have to keep it natural…till who knows when
‘Cuz I doubt they have Clairol…in the pen!