The Treacherous Heart

Written by: Leanne Perks

Why do I feel this way what is my heart trying to say,
it skips a beat eachday.
My heart is in turmoil I wish I knew why, the pain it 
brings hurts so much I feel I might die, oh I just wish I knew

It beats then after a minute it just repeats the pattern
and it feels asthough it is going to burst at times,
oh my aching heart is tearing me apart, it just won't stop
I feel all so mixed up. What is it telling me I wish I knew 
but this feeling is not going away and feels asthough it
is here to stay, it lasts but a few seconds then returns 
like never before it is pulling me right down to the core.
It aches and is yearning for more.

I shall follow my heart and see where it leads me to and then I will
know if the feeling is something I should keep or throw away in a heap.
I may have to take a giant leap of faith to know if it is safe.