Written by: Tony Lane

Turquoise stones and sun-bleached bones Were strewn across the sand. Through mid-day heat on blistered feet The cowboy tried to stand. They stole his horse without remorse And then they took his boots. They left him dry to bake and die Without the six gun that he shoots. He caught a glimmer of a shimmer Of water in the distance. He tried all day to make his way But pain became resistance. Without shade he began to fade And the water was no nearer. The fate he faced without a taste Of water was much clearer. Then a Navajo maid saw him splayed On a rock outcrop ahead. Filled with worry she began to hurry For fear that he was dead. The water she gave helped to save The cowboy’s life that day. From the start he gave his heart And wished that she would stay. Then morning came and wagon train Appeared within his sight. But the Navajo maid could not be repaid For she had vanished in the night. Should he stay or be on his way He had to come to a decision. Was she there to give him care Or was she just a vision?