A Party For Jesus

Written by: Beatrice Boyle

We're having a party for Jesus
It's his birthday today you know
We must show him we've not forgotten
His humble birth so long ago
The invitations have been extended
The candles have been lit
The organ is playing softly
As we search for a place to sit

How beautiful the altar looks
The flowers are banked with care
As we pleasantly breathe their scent
Wafting sofly through the air
How eagerly we meet our friends
We're happy to see them here
To help us celebrate Christ's birth
The baby Jesus dear

The choir sings out with joy
Alleluia's rent the air
We sing beloved Christmas Hymns
For music is also prayer
There is no "Happy Holiday" here
No Santa with his sleigh
We've come to say "Happy Birthday"
For this is Jesus' day!

Copyright©2010 Beatrice Boyle
(All rights reserved)