The Girl Who Was Never Lost

Written by: Akash Yadav

I Books aligned the cupboard racks-- It was no fancy place; Tables, chairs(maybe backpacks-- Of students--in this case) Lay about this little room at the school Where i met her first. Here, a flimsy argument, Rose over something she had: Made me think, '' she's a nut-case Or maybe lost it just a tad'' Now that would've been the end all But we were to meet again-- In college we shared a section-- The knowing her began: Talks developed in the science lab And computer class; I'd discovered an introvert-- A fascinating lass... Soon enough we were friends, A trust built up sublime; Close pals we had grown By passage of this time: A girl who was a silent lamb, All wary with her word, Stubborn, crazy, and brainy, With me was a chirpy bird... Not to mention, her silence And prudence of everyday Gave her the power to have her wish-- (With me)she always had her way... Thrills were great, joyous moments Were ever by our side, But reality has in it's store Things set to decide... ** II The end of lovely college days, Makes the rest a history... I only hope like our last depart, There hides another mystery, For i don't feel this'd be the end-all But i would meet again-- Like college where we shared a past, Where everything began-- To share a verbal escapade Once more with the 'silent girl'. I hope to meet again this friend For a new tale to unfurl.... **