life's gift to me

Written by: chamonique knowles

I can't say I love life
But I love the people this journey has led me to
I love the amazing people I have met
who are always there for me,
who make me smile, 
who make me brave 
these people make life worth living.
There are also those people who
try with all their might to bring others down.
There's people whose ignorance and hatred 
rip at my heart, like claws on the forest ground.
there's people who have hurt me, I am forever grateful for them
I love them.
Because it is not healthy to harbor that much hate,
and because their hurtful blows at my heart
have only made me stronger, wiser, and more ready to face other greater challenges.
with out those who oppose me,
with out those who abused me,
I would not me the strong, independent, awesome person I am now
and without those who build me up and hold me together 
I doubt I would still be here today.
So thank you, to every person who has ever had an influence in my life.