Dating sites

Written by: ned flanders

     I joined a dating agency
     thought I would try the game.
     There are lots of single people,
      Folks who are the same.

     Those who are just lonely
     but many needing more.
     Surely there is many
     that really want to score!

     I put in all my details
     so sure the Babes would cry,
     telling everthing about me
     the majority of facts a lie.

     I was thinking six foot legies
      with mini skirts so high,
      bosums spilling over
      I would be their type of guy.

      I filled in lots of questions
        and then prepared to wait,
       patience not a virtue
        to find my perfect mate.

       See that damn computer
       and all those dating sites,
       I really hate them all
        with all my breathing might!

        How come they all know me
        I can"t believe my luck,
         this is a total mishmash
         the whole thing it does suck!

         Guess who I am married too
         they"ll never be my pal!
         I think I was to honest
         or the systems known as Hal!

         They"ve matched me to a pizza
         a cold one caught on tape,
         that took a DVD home
         called Planet of the Apes!