A quiet place

Written by: Sharon Ruebel

The shadows from the moon glide across the pond
all is quiet as i visit walking softly under the willows
of this place i am fond

the voices of the night sing a welcomed melody
for right here right now there is no other place
i would rather be

the seasons change and with each renewal my
secret place welcomes me home like a warm blanket
during the evening chill

my thoughts gather here and each breath becomes
entwined while the problems of the day disappear like
the fog rising from the warm water into the cool
evening air

as i sit against the tree my eyes are drawn upward
through the branches where the first stars of the evening
are making their appearance

it is almost as if i am looking within a great snow 
globe and when shaken all the stars twinkle and
move about in a dark velvet blue sky

a breeze collects swiftly yet quietly running itself along
the edge of the pond picking up leaves and swirling them
round and round like a whirling dervish

how lucky i am to witness natures beauty presenting itself
in front of me like a grand play which changes from time
to time without reason or rhyme...