Over the Layers

Written by: Krystal Cochrane

I've somehow slipped 
slipped to that world of numb smiles,
flavourless fruit,
damp emotion--
words so watered with the heart's blood
they weigh like anchors down my chest.

The food is suddenly tasteless,
colour lacks its lustre,
and a cold, crisp white frost 
crystalizes from the inside of my toes
along my veins to the centre of my eyes.

Where I started was controlled,
when I was happy in solitude,
when I didn't know the difference between
laughing all of my laughter and only laughing half,
when I slept exactly as the sun set in West.  

The thaw was so quiet and subtle
like innocent children 
sneaking on tip-toe from their bed,
until I felt it in my fingertips
a tingling energy I didn't understand.

I'll pour the energy 
from the life line on my hand
into a locket and chain
where I'll keep it near my heart
but only over layers 
of bones