A comedy in History

Written by: victor mufaro dzaoma

Never forgetting those loud voices 
Voices acting as the vehicles of historical antimonies
Antimonies which in themselves are testimonies of ideological betrayal
These conflicting mirages of imagination
Divorcing the empirical from the theoretical
And shouts from the Actions.

Abreast the crest of rejected African egos,
Egos which perhaps are the ‘ethos’ of a ‘timeless’
An Africanism whose essence has now been,
Destroyed by this phase of 

These self –appointed
Medians of history
Medians fancying themselves as the only mediums of
The historical message,
A message whose true medium is that which
Reaches the ordinary man struck by poverty.
Are indeed medians in as much as they are comedians,
In a comedy whose true heroes are dead.