Femme Fatale

Written by: Olajide Adelana

Behind a frantic eternity,
Beauty stares above the shadow of men
Through her delirious whisper,
Skin-full ache, an infatuated scream
She was love, they dabbled recklessly.

But her visual aspect,
from mountain top to valley bottom,
Her high hills forested temptation,
her sycophantic backside crested a dreadful desire. 
Three minute observation and contemplation,
Love has coagulated into lust so destructive.

Although, as mild and miry nature proclaims
Her trails blew wide.
Make-believe love so gentle, and sweet
Her blossom castle, a place clouted to be,
A woman to love and can never be denied.

The sexiest seductress,
As crazy as a fox and stealth like an eagle.
Her quixotic moves dangling in their heart,
Angelic kiss accompanied with a sting.
It is never easy to blot her on a landscape.

She came adversely invisible,
An angel indivisible in disguise.
Her name echoed sweetly...
Their doom unleashed.
Many crawls with a broken heart,
Others ran out fiercely with a broken bank account.
Nemesis of the great begotten patsy 

Limbering and sobering in their misery
They gathered writing out a perfect revenge
A search, a perch for freedom 
But the bondage wild and vicious,
Beauty tearing them from limb to limb
In shame,
They live in a world full of dreams