Outsmarting The Grim Reaper

Written by: Beatrice Boyle

Every morning when I awake 
And reach for my paper and coffee cake, 
I check to see if my name appears,
Trying to quell my deepest fears 
That this might be the very day
When the old grim reaper has his way
It’s really a little game we play!

He’s trying to catch me unawares,
I don’t think that he really cares 
When it will be, as long as he can say he’s won…
The game is over… so long… it’s done.
But I must outwit his nefarious scheme
For it has always been my dream
To live as long as my enemies do
Longer is better from my point of view!

So I eat my veggies, drink my milk, 
Cream my face till it’s smooth as silk 
When I drink my wine, I never drive, 
Insuring I will arrive home alive.
I watch my weight, walk a mile a day 
And watch out for cars along the way. 
I’ve followed the plan to a tee 
But there is a problem that I see 

I’ve gotten too old to run and hide
As I feel my bones rub together inside 
So I’ve decided to lure him to bed 
But with someone else lying there instead. 
And since love is blind, he will not see,
The victim he smites is not me!
The game is over…so long…it’s done
But he’ll never know…it is I who’s won!