I Wish I Had The Time To Say

Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

There is so much that I wish to say to you
But you disappeared like, you were never there
And all I wish to tell you girl 
To express how much I care

Now I don’t know why you left me
I don’t know what went wrong
All I know is that I want you
This feeling is unbearably strong

I know your mama is ill
And the things she’s going through
I feel like she’s mine
For the feeling I have for you

But now I hear emptiness in my heart
Where once your voice echoed endlessly
 I kept each word company
It felt good, it seemed at home and comfy 

I wish I had the time to say
And the time to show you how much you mean to me
To kiss and touch you
For just one hour to hold you in my arms, that’s where I want to be

I miss you ever so much
And my longing for you is true
I wish I had the time to say
That I really love you