Green Light

Written by: Nesma Alnsour

Through my window Gazing at the Green light
Left alone to wonder why
Screaming, cursing with my inner self
Dark thoughts keep streaming from my head
From a tired mind longing for the rest
Alone, I slowly drift through life
Trying to understand everything around
Swirling questions bouncing in my mind
Questioning everything….
Why am I living?
What am I doing?
Who am I?
Why am I wasting my time?
Staring at the walls of my room
Looking for that something
That missing piece makes it seems to be
An emptiness staring right back at me
filling me to the point of agony
Completely I waste as it waits
To seek and ravish me
Staring at the mirror I can see my enemy
And in this battle with my enemy
I cannot find victory...
And here I am left alone
Gazing at the Green light
Hopelessly trying to reach...
For its what might gives me Sanity
An anchor to reality