My Hubby Dustin James Palmer

Written by: Briana Lynn Minard-Adler

My hubby, you see he's so perfect,
Never have done anything wrong,
To him, I write this song.
This song of love,
With a single dove.
My precious Angel,
My whole world, my life, my love, my universe,
My everything, My love for him, well words
Just can't describe it, it's like God gave me a
Precious gift, I am never letting him go, never letting
Anyone else date him, not going to let him marry the
Wrong girl. I love everything about you 
My baby! You are better than any other boy in 
The world, so just stay with mem as I sing my
Love songs about you. Stay with me Forever~N~Always.
My love, they can't keep me away from you, can't keep me
From loving you, can't keep me from singing about you. 
Dedicated To:Dustin James Palmer