The White Cygnus

Written by: Leon Lim

First to the door to met my first beauty queen,
Seeing through his sapphire eyes made my cold heart drool,
For the first time in my life it actually teaches me the teachings of one’s life.

Quickly, quickly,
 Is it roses are red,
Or violets are blue.
Maybe orchids, lavenders or maybe lilies.

The snowy flakes of every lilies,
Matches her soul as the princess of Cygnus,
Crying in pain under the rushing rivers of Eridanus.

Waiting for Orion,
Her knight and shining armour. 
As I , the hero of thee,
Shall follow the same path as Orion,
Soaring through the night sky for thee,
As thou would rise with Orion,
The only hero thee would found.

As it shall be you and me,
With the story of the white Cygnus invokes.