Gays Against Jamaica

Written by: Margeret Bailey

It is true that Jamaica is rich in tradition
and history,

Jamaicans don't view the world as everybody else
does, they are critical when it comes to love,

The country has more churches per capita,
So, the natives are not easily persuaded with
new chapters,

Youths who display a penchant for the same sex
may experience family neglect,

Musicians may sing about "Batty Men" and such,
and if children tell their parents they are gay,
The entire family thinks they are nuts,

Jamicans are stalworth and steeped in tradition,
the Gays think Jamaicans are prejudiced and
living in oblivion,

Around the world other people think the same way,
yet, they hide their biased feelings with jokes
and casual play,

The gays are no better because they perpetuate hate
with every letter,

If there was a contest for Ms. World, they would rather
choose an Eskimo girl instead of a Jamaican woman who
was competent and bright,

How does two wrongs make a right?