They Don't Love Us Anymore

Written by: Margeret Bailey

Jamaica was always known for cultivating 
the brightest and the best,
Academically, most scholars soared through
all their tests,
Our Island provided warmth and beauty,
Yet, the music of the modern generation
has tarnished our reputation,
Most, think of us as gun slingers, drug
dealers and vagabonds,
Our women are viewed as piranhas on
the run,
Through advertisements and word of mouth
Jamaican men are viewed as abusers or elusive
Baby Daddies or hustlers who cruise around in caddies,
They don't love us anymore,
The hate shows as they cleverly try to shove us through the doors,
concocting crimes and airs of suspicion,
Being a Jamaican has become a whirlwind
of negative labels such as aggression, crimanalism and drug running,
They never tell the real stories how the other half lives,
They don't love us anymore, so they would rather show
our lives hanging from the ballads or on the skids.