A second Chance

Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

I...I'm... frightened, trembling, and sobbing intensely,
It tormented me for years, now... it overshadows me again.
My... weak heartedness and the anxiety it caused,
I am owing, to be made an example, in debt to its pain.

I...I...scarcely survived, its last advance,
However, this time...I have no chance.
My heart is racing, my head spins
I’m helpless and must confess that it wins

I have no way of shielding its onslaught
For it has portrayed itself as a friend, my soul is caught
Alas the only thing left is to give into its will
And let love take its course, let love have its fill.

**Ok I'm Rusty on the love poems I'll stick to me funny ones**