No more to the stars

Written by: Mark Norton

No more to the stars  
(In memeory of the Space Shuttle)
We are held to the distant reaches bound
Where the starlit universe is pondered, 
Where few shall catch a cosmic essence
Present in our amazement and wonder;
But time and dreams have past us by
Soundless, like emotions gone
In the frailty of a star 

Space is imagined like the solitude of existence 
As silent as the substance of our nature,
And the purity of its mysterious enigma  
Is lost as dawn approaches,
Nature is humbled in the miracle of creation 
Where unfulfilled remains our journey  
No more to the stars  

Amazing the spectacular places beyond,   
Uncertain the virtue of our doubts, 
For once in space could mankind vision 
The wonder of creation;  
Reach out now to an instant in time, 
Far past the destiny determined  
To this place of inspiration     
In our uncertain universe remains no tomorrow 
 For in darkness we are defined, 
 Past where ‘the same creator who knows the stars’
Waits both moral and righteous, 
Or they who stare through placid solitude                                                                                                                            
‘To break the surly bonds of earth,
And touch the hand of god’