Written by: Valerie Sherman

Mirror Mirror on the wall, what is this I see?-
Someone I don't know looking back at me.
On my way to the restroom this is what I found
Someone snuck upon me, didn't make a sound.
Eyes like beads the sort to not be trusted
Too close together I was totally disgusted!.
Lips pierced together, as if they couldn't speak
Made a sorted motion- made a little tweak
How long had they been there I began to wonder
With short ears, and a nose like thunder
I tried to lose it by moving to my right
But it did too, man! this could take all night
Licking out my tongue I  shifted to my left-
Didn't say a thing for I figured it was deaf.
Who could this enchanted creature be?-
I really didn't care for it was really annoying me. 
Pointed with frustration Said I'm tired of you"!
Know what's funny? They did too!!
I need a restroom break "Will you please go away"?
They looked, replied "Me too that's all you had to say"