Have They

Written by: Asra Mir

Every second I breathe,
Another innocent life is taken,
Due to their selfishness and greed,
Have they ever seen?
Ever lived the life of an Iraqi, Palestinian or Libyan?
Ever watched their mother, father or brother?
Been tortured or killed,
Refusing to surrender?
Surrender to what?
Your laws and pathetic ways,
They would die for their faith.

Have they ever had to drink contaminated water? 
Beg for shelter?
Have they ever had to cry themselves to sleep at night?
Wishing for someone to hold them tight?
All they wish for is a democracy,
A peaceful life,
Where there is no war,
Only unity.

NO they haven’t,
‘cause they have everything they desire,
All the expensive things they want in life,
From fancy cars,
To mansions,
They have everything to take them higher.

But, we won’t give up,
We still have something they don’t have,
And they can never take it away from us,
And that is our faith;
At the end of the day,
Our faith is everything,
Our support,
Our one reason to keep fighting,
Because one day we will get there,
We will be shining!