Not Letting Go

Written by: Asra Mir

I gotta change the feelings that I had,
Cause all I feel is you,
I tried and tried,
But it’s impossible to stop lovin’ you.
I’m done hurtin’,
I’m done cryin’
All I feel is pain,
All I want is for toy to say the same.

I’m so done with loneliness,
My heart is full of despair,
I’ve tried to tell you how I feel,
But you don’t seem to care.

What can I do?
To let go of you.
How can I change my mind?
My heart has broken,
These feelings have taken over,
If only I could press rewind.

Every time,
I hear a song,
It reminds me of you,
The words describe,
How I feel,
There’s no lettin’ go of you.

I know one day I gotta let it go,
But how will I stop these feelings too?
I love you,
But can I do?
I just wish this pain wasn’t true!