Written by: viviane leite

All my life's been building castles
with my tiny bony hands
Out of clouds or out of sand
built them high, no one would stand

All the bricks I have laid down
made of love and made of hope
thoroughly piling up a wall
to shelter me in and never fall

Each brick carried a dream
of feeling warm and safe one day
of being cozy when I was done
of finding peace that would stay

Well,  them dreams, they merely vanish
and I'm vulnerable again
All that's left is this crushed heart
filled with sorrow, drenched in pain

Then I look at the rubble pile
that's been my story so far
and I wonder how to move
how to conceal the scars

But what's life except moving?
and building?
and dreaming?
and watching all around us rottening  and rising up again?
What's life but building castles out of crazy, hopeful dreams?

So here I am building yet another castle
with my tiny bony hands
maybe out of clouds, or out of sand
still hopefully wishing
this one with you
is the one that will remain.