Burnt Beyond Recognition

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Sunrise is nearing but everything has remained
still, not even the birds have burst into song.
The sky is a mixture of colours but most are 
slowly fading into the well-known blue.
A slight breeze has been born, it makes the
trees and bushes flutter their leaves like wings.
Still I remain stuck in this horrendous bed where 
I am seen as an invalid where pity is bestowed upon.
Many faces may project smiles but they are 
truly nothing for they are false and unwanted;
pity is a poisonous gift that no-one wants to own.
Still I remain glued under these bedclothes that hide
the horror that has possessed my once radiant skin.
I have been burnt beyond recognition, nothing remains
except memories of my once natural beauty; untarnished
by the elements of age.
Tears are worthless for they will never erase what has 
become of me for I feel ugly and monstrous then yet
people still look at me as though I am my normal self.
But disgust is overshadowed by pity, I feel I shall
shatter a mirror if I peer into the depths of the glass.
The sun has now risen, it hangs in the sky like a
angel’s halo; life has now begun to stir, creatures
of all shapes and forms are set free.
They seem to roam the land untouched by the evils of
life then yet here I lay burnt beyond recognition
with nothing but sourness and spite for company.
My soul has been scarred by fire, the very element
that gave life a home when the Earth was young.
Still here I lay burnt beyond recognition but grateful to
be alive.