To My Brother

Written by: Kelli Egloff-Metzgar

I don't think that I have ever told you That you were my very first best friend When we were just little you were my favorite person to play with You were the only one who could put a smile on my face A smile that was "REAL", not fake You were always there to ease the pain The only one who could truly understand You know what I mean I remember all the goofy things you did Just to make me laugh I remember all the fun we used to have Now that we have grown up Not much has really changed You are still the person I want to call When something good happens Or if I am having a bad day and I just need to talk Though we are miles apart I still feel so close to you I miss spending time together I really miss you I wanted to tell you the things I think about everyday But in our busy lives I don't get to say I want you to know that you are the BEST To thank you for all the memories I remember all the little things Like your "burping air-guitar" All the stupid, funny things we did All the rides in my piece of crap gray car But most of all I want to tell you That I love you more than words can say That you are not only my brother... But my BEST FRIEND too