Midnight Wanders

Written by: Leighann Anderson

It is dark and the sky
is alight with stars,
they twinkle innocently;
secretly carrying their own
wishes that were cast upon
them by passing tongues of
children and adults alike.
The moon shines even brighter
still, it gives all life a 
pearl glow in the absence of
the hidden sun.
A breeze blows making trees sway
softly and their leaves flutter 
like wings of a bird.
Sound emits eerily among the
nooks and crannies hidden beneath
our feet where only spirits roam.
Midnight has struck and many may
wander into its secret realm of
nocturnal enchantment and be bewitched
by a single ray of pearl white light
gracefully given by the moon and stars,
like gifts from an angel – precious
and forever eternal.