Romancing LegendaryStone

Written by: john freeman

Storms of adversity become obedient, easy as aptitudes master the dance. Oh the power of mastered life prance of many young dance manifests in the stance of the perfected dance. As aptitudes project, therefore, include in isolated romance "in basics of ethics forget not the lifting up of the pure stone." Therefore, let not poet's poetry distinguished extinguish nor bring us grief but blessed relief, in mastery of the storm for consideration is no leader of youth storm. Forget not that, in the power of the storm, lies the hidden-power of the Spirit of the romancing of the stone enhancing the body that protects the role of the sacred ethical dance. Word meant to be though resolved only of Legendary are the result of mouth from various issues of the tongue; one shall eat of life or death. Bequeath for the purpose of admonishment of the word that as of virtue even White Throne be astonished of adherence of bloom resulting from the romancing of the stone.