Predestined Love

Written by: ChiquitaChiamaka Baity

Our paths have always crossed. Our hearts forever intertwined
We have lived and loved each other so many life times
Together we’ve slain dragons.  We have walked side by side with beast
Witnessed you wounded in battle and fall to your knees
We first fell in love in a world that came before
I have suited you for battle and watched you leave for war.
Together we escaped the wilderness , said our vows by peaceful streams
I’ve given birth to your children on every mountain peak
I’ve watch you quest for new worlds, far across unknown seas
Ive watch you bring down nations , only  to rescue me
We have treaded long and far, across hot  foreign sands
seen you slay enemies and take the spoils of their lands
I have watched you build kingdoms, and helped you tear them down
Together we were made King and Queen, our heads adorned with the crown
We have lived and love each other time and time again
We were predestined,
 Created for one another, before our lives began.