So alike to a budding rose, casting out the scent of its unique pollen.

So alike to an unfurling cocoon, before emerges the butterfly.

Sweetest voice that resonates deep, like the showers of a waterfall echoing on the deep blue pond.

The easy way you carrieth yourself through, with a firm sway like a leaf stem grounded where you belong.

Your long delicate fingers with which you pluck and touch, either nipple or guitar, preferably with an audience.

thinketh ye it lies in that tremulous smile she flashes,

what charms she uses that so many men even fair youth stalk her and fall on her feet with long sighs reciting proposals,

 like lovelorn teenage girls adoring the prowess & perfection of the statue of David

Prettiest comments that rushes like a stream, like a waterfall flowing out of my bosom with greasy ease.

was it not i yesterday, whose foul tongue dripped with venom and hate, but now my heart, my mind and my soul, see only the light that is you and i can do no other but impress my veneration profoundly................

by Sean Claudine