Glitter of life

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

Wishes came along from many sides
It was the day of world’s first sight
Partying around with gifts and buys
Still something missing I deeply felt

Is some luxury desired in life still far
Or some wonder sketched in dreams
Among such a large group lonely…I be
It was the glitter of eyes wishing near

Owners of my heart were distant today
When I am looking for happiness outside
Glitter of life brightens each time to see
The angels so simply smiling for my light

Only wish tonight and ever to address 
Go again to the true glitter always mine
Wonder fulfilled turning stars so bright
Night has its charm back completing all

Now I call it a special day forever to go
For am near to my life seeding souls 
Let there be pause for some time…ever
Fill myself with that aura of glittering sight

Name: Sneha Agarwal
Contest name: Glow of Glitter