Run or Hide

Written by: Cristyna Small

Where do you run
When you're scared of yourself?
To the liquid in the pipe
Or the pills on the shelf?
   	To escape the life
 	You once loved to live
 	Anything to have that life back
 	You would surely give
suffocating in a big white cloud
And dope that makes you forget
But this you cannot escape
And this life comes with a debt
 	A debt not of money or goods
 	Not a dime or a dollar sign
 	But the love and devotion 
 	Now, it’s gone and you cannot find
Your baby’s love
Your trust for the system
It just blew into the wind
With one big gust
 	Now drowning a in a puddle
 	And sniffing a thin white line
 	Was it really worth breaking
 	All our hearts including mine?
But I find myself
In an awkward place
I both pity and despise you
This is not often the case
 	I ask you now
 	Why would you, how could you?
  	that baby taken away
 	That person I loved thought I knew
And then I think
How pitiful you are
And how bad to you
This will soon scar
 	So I offer my help
 	And my hand I freely give
 	So make your choice
 	Do you die, or do you live?