The Answer to the Question

Written by: Unathi Booi

I give you life, you come to me
I give you me, you shatter me
I give you enjoyment, you dull of me
And while I'm happy, you sadden me
I give you faith, you question me
I give you the answer, now reason with me
I help you through freedom, you burden me
This life is mine, please follow me
I lead you merry, you barren me
This life should be of my example, you exclude me
I make you suffer, still you question me
Now I make you better, you forsake me
I give you love, you hate on my behalf
I give you a whole, you give me half
Now I'm moving forward, you take the lead
Make all of me suffer, you bury me
Now I'm gone, I'm you
Now can you see?