Adamant Glitter

Written by: john freeman

The glitter of everlasting Adamantine the tower of sunlight does not exceed its grandeur of brilliance. One of a variety immovable monument of stones thus stands its ability radiating from a white throne within the city of God. We shall see streets of gold as a city, a bride, adorned for her husband. Through twelve gates, we shall trod, on twelve foundations so holds four square, forty and four cubits, city streets of pure gold… liken to clear glass. The appeal is ethics natural beauty beyond measure, a Father’s desire to relate to the children of his pasture, the brilliance of a Son’s love. O` Adamantine of pure virgin, thy heart’s activity, bestow on me think again, with love’s brilliant character. For no glitter, of worldly adaptations of parasitic ego shall exceed the fixed sparkle of thy legal resources. Come hither, Thy holy glory, Thy Adamantine supreme, beam across the earthly machine, to the human minds of the gutter, so confident thy chaste outshining glitter. O` Adamantine, O Creator thy seed distinguished may I take a walk upon streets of gold in my new home. Manifest unto open eyes as to thy principles of press exposed new consciousness in the area in which I live. Apply appropriate align, outshine thus the rays of the sun for adamantine forever is author, develop a replenish. ============================== Sponsor Nette Onclaud Contest Name GLOW OF GLITTER By John Moses Freeman ad·a·man·tine Definition of ADAMANTINE : rigidly firm : unyielding These are scientifically proven and believed to be the very microscopic building blocks of all mass. God particles are paranormal physical evidence of God’s body of Spirit. One’s natural eyes can see the glitter of these particles everywhere in masses of trillions once one’s eyes are trained to see them.