They Say

Written by: Debbie Knapp

They Say!
  I’m crazy, born that way; that’s what they say! Never lost her mind came into the world, born that way. Isn’t right the way they talk. Things are a bit more clear, only come to me; that’s all.
  They say she be hearing things what isn’t there, see’s things too cause she was born crazy you know! They say things what aren’t true only because they can’t see and hear special things. So crazy, born that way is what they say.
  Minds open up, ears listen, and hearts accept with childlike innocents. Guardian Angels visit along with higher ups from many realms. They say, no such thing, born crazy. 
  Keep secret do not share cause others will think you crazy, most likely born that way. I was not born crazy nor did I lose my mind. Angels visit, sharing things believing in me just as I believe in them. Thought is a way we communicate, dreams are used too! 
  They say, born that way; that’s what they say! Little do they know standing beside me angels shiver at their wicked tongues? If you can’t see or hear something does that mean it’s not so? What about the blind and the deaf? Maybe it’s better to believe than not.
  People question what makes them uncomfortable and things unsure to them. Who will be crazy when their time comes to an end? Who or what will they talk to or see then? Maybe others will say they have gone crazy! Not born that way just lost their mind, I guess is what they will say.
                                                      Debbie Knapp ~ 11-23-2011