Written by: Paul Knight-Kirby

The sparkle of insanity, a mirror of colour.
A delusion of grandeur sailed in a mast of dazzling eyes to make a meal of mankind.
The pretentious material created to incite the imagination, to gift again from its external and invisible eyes. 
The multitude of colours come again, surprisingly changing within slight movements. Never static. 
Like the rainbow, its mother, filtered through its sharp edges ever so gentle but incumbent.
The relation of captivation with the precious jewels of earth created in the beginning but such little girth.
Like grains of sand, it is born; used on paper faces, even the dead.
A subtle object, aloof and bypassed by many.
A subconscious youth like raindrops in the brain.
A familiarity, a conformity caressing the tips of thought.
Never there but always here. 
An object of mankind, taken advantage of its seemly unlimited supply.
Children play innocently with it, while adults use it to woe the victim into a deeper state of arousing confusion.
An extra device to dilute reason.
I am impartial to your conclusion. 

Paul knight-Kirby