moments for nature

Written by: Jennifer Cahill

Sunset skies drape silken ribbons of red yellow orange pink, bleeding  
Crayola colors swirling on the watery surface of Summer’s sweet dreaming.  
The soft velvet lips of the kissed red rose closes, bending before the night.  
Winds race billowy white bursts across the chilled blue of Fall and the birds take flight.  
Ice drips along the crooked edges of the stripped branches, stark against smudged grey,  
They are carved black silhouettes fingering the bone white of winter’s display.  
Earth oozes around the fertility of Spring, and the scented breezes  
Caress life as it uncoils and showers gardens that have been lovingly seeded   
Four seasons have passed and each one captured on an artist’s beloved canvas   
Visions to behold as if in a refracted otherworldly light stardust dances