Written by: John Castro

the image displayed through the liquid reflection 
conveys the thoughts and memories of life's imperfections 

the mirror reveals the opposite of a being 
but it can also conceal the things you are seeing 

like a magician your eyes are shrouded by deception 
from the mind to your eyes coerced through inception 

the holistic visuals portrayed in each mirror 
becomes the optical focus as the mind becomes clearer 

though the eyes maybe the windows to the soul 
the mirror can only reflect what the eyes behold 

as the oceans reflects the heavens above 
our actions reflect a heart filled with love 

the world is a mirror reflecting our past 
but shrouded in mystery shattered like glass 

the quest for an image conjures the truth 
but the relics of knowledge do not circumvent proof 

but to view the ultimate image that one must bestow
one must see past the reflection that the mirror does show