Written by: twanna Irisha


       I'm here to signify, to make known, to imply, why I'm so fly!
            I'm a women separated from the rest,
                or from all others I'm the best!
               My self-esteem is overwhelming.
                Having the power of attracting.
                I pay the cost to be the boss,
                        without no flaws!
                 Cold as ice, hotter than fire.
               Cooler than the winters degrees,
                warmer than the summer breeze.
                  Momma was a rolling stone,
             I was put here to claim her throne!
                    Atribute to the best,
           now time for the others to be layed to rest!
                 My contribution is to the best,
     respiatory to all the rest, hitting them straight to the chest.
               That's why they call me superfly!
             They say birds in a flock fly together,
                    I fly alone in any weather! 
                        No one can do this better.
        Born on leap year a birthday that comes every 4 years!
                         keeps me sincere!
           Sincere to the game, and loving all the fame!
          Rape'ing hearts while I'm climbing the charts,
                        That's why I'm fly!