Runt of the pack

Written by: Erin Nash

Facing backwards on my bed
staring at the wall in fascination
how did my boredom come to this?
I try my goal but I miss.
I have no right to cry
others are far worse off than me
but the tears fall anyway
I'm astonished and dont know what to say.
They all keep reminding me
of how the world owes me nothing
of how everything's not about me
and how, who have I come to be?

It frustrates me that you think your so much better
you choose sides (scratch that) one side that is...but it's never mine
to me you always decline
and all i feel is your ambivalence.
You have absolutely no right
to even pick a small bickering fight
I saw you do things that left a scar on my mind
but you waved it off like it was nothing
because "it's all about you" right?
what you think, how you feel... you you you
you always come first.
unconditional love is what you lack.

Making me feel like the runt of the pack...